Fee Rules

  • Payments are to be made by D.D. in favour of "Gomti Nandan Public School" , Deposit Cash directly at the bank counter or make online payment through our school website.
  • While submitting the fees Parents should write student's Name, Class, and Section positively.
  • School fee will be collected in four installments, due date for each instalment is mentioned below.
  • If the due date is a public holiday, the next working day will be considered as the due date.
  • Upon submitting Yearly fees in one installment, parents can avail Rs. 500/- Discount.
  • After the due date Late Fee will be charged @ Rs. 5/- per day upto 30 days.
  • Student's name will be struck off the rolls if the fee along with the late Fee is not deposited in 30 days after expiry of the due date. Re-admission may be granted after the payment of re admission charges, only at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Every student must have all school fees dues cleared in advance before the commencement of the Annual Examination, failing which they are liable to be completely disallowed from appearing for the Examination and are liable to have their names struck off the school Rolls.
  • Fee once deposited is neither refunded nor adjusted in any other account under any circumstances.
  • A student who attends any part of a term is required to pay the prescribed fees for the entire term.
  • Part payment of installment will not be accepted in any case.
  • The Fee Receipt Book is an important financial document to be kept safely and produced as and when required by the school to reconcile accounts.
  • There may be an annual increase of 10% in fees every year.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Fees payment through Cheque will not be accepted.

Payment schedule is as follows, The School does not send reminders for the fees. The parents are expected to automatically pay the installments before the due dates