Abacus Education

Building lifelong skills for your child to succeed.

ABACUS is a child development program based on Visual Arithmetic that boosts brainpower in children aged 4-13 years. Along with strengthening math skills, it promotes whole brain development and establishes foundational building blocks like memory, concentration, creativity and problem solving – core skills that inspire greater confidence and success in all subject areas and in life.
The program equips them with the skills they need to improve overall academic achievement and to confidently meet life's challenges and achieve greatness.

Ancient Tool Actively Used in Modern Times

The Abacus provides countable beads for children to visualize numbers on a base-10 system. The children learn to manipulate those beads to perform arithmetic calculations such as addition and division.


The word is derived from the Greek word 'abax', meaning “calculating board” or “calculating table”.

Chinese Invention

The first Chinese Abacus was invented around 500 B.C. The Abacus, as we know it today, was used in China around 1300 A.D.


It is still commonly used today across certain Asian communities.

First Computer

Often referred to as the first computer, the Abacus is an instrument used to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to calculate fractions and square roots.

Benefits that go beyond Math!

Our whole-brain development program builds foundational techniques that make learning math, effortless and enjoyable. By mastering these techniques using the Abacus, students develop the ability to think in pictures and quickly learn to perform large calculations mentally. Over time, our students come to love a subject they may have once struggled with, or even feared. Attaining astonishing calculation speed is actually the end-result of increasing the “brain-fitness”.

Visual Arithmetic

Visual Arithmetic is a building block for future success in all areas of study.
Students learn to focus for sustained periods, to manage their time while completing long series of sums, as well as, to concentrate on more than one task at the same time while. These are crucial life skills that students will use again and again.
Abacus demands self-discipline and promotes the joy of lifelong learning and self-discovery. Abacus students become motivated learners – the best route to success in academics and beyond.